Product Update--August 23rd

Product Update--August 23rd

[GB] Zoom75 Keyboard Kit

90% of website orders have been sent out, and the remaining 10% of the orders have not been sent out temporarily because these colors are still being assembled. These orders are expected to be sent out one after another at the end of this month, please don't worry. (Any questions please feel free to contact our CS team)

Delivery Time: Expected at the end of this month.


[Pre-order] Zoom75 Keyboard Kit

About 5% of website orders have been shipped because the color matches our extra GB orders, and the remaining will be delivered asap.

Delivery Time: Expected Early September 2023



Note: Orders are being shipped out progressively. Our team is meticulously preparing each order for delivery, allowing us to maintain the highest standards. Thank you for your patience and trust in our commitment to delivering excellence.



Coming soon to Meletrix

ZoomTKL Pre-order

Some vendors have already booked orders in advance, and will start pre-orer one after another this week or next week.

Color Available:
Sky Blue
Wild Green
Faint Blurple
Scarlet Red

Meletrix Website: 9:30PM, August 24th, Beijing time

Vendor List of Zoom TKL Pre-order

US-Cannonkeys:  9pm ET (6pm PST), 22th

US-KFA: 6pm PST, 22th


CA-Mech. Land: TBD




VN-Soi GearTBD




Tips: We designed the TKL Xmas version especially in this pre-order!

Please see the picture on the top.



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