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Zoom65 Extra Knobs

Zoom65 Extra Knobs

Zoom65 Extra Knobs


Zoom65 EE extras will drop on August 2nd at 5 PM PST(Aug 3, 8 AM, GMT+8 Beijing Time ), You can use the website to convert the local time you want. 
Find QTY for each color and add-ons here
Packaging and shipping expected to begin in 5-7 business days (It will take 7-12 days to arrive in your country once shipped)

Information Page

Find Zoom65 Essential Edition here.

Find extra  cases, weights, PCB, plates, internal weights and more here.

There are 10 different Knobs:

• Anodized black aluminium knob
• Anodized gold aluminium knob
• Anodized rosegold aluminium knob
• Anodized pink aluminium knob
• Anodized red aluminium knob
• E-white aluminium knob
• E-yellow aluminium knob
• PVD mirror gold brass knob
• PVD mirror silver brass knob
• PVD mirror black brass knob

Quality Guide
Build Guide


    1. Reading and following the build guide is essential, especially if it's your first time building. Please make sure to read the build guide in full before you attempt to install it. If your unit is missing a printed build guide, please locate the online version linked on Meletrix website.

    2. The case, weight, and knob colors shown in the photos are renders. Colors may appear different on different screens and devices, depending on calibration and color profiles. Actual colors may appear slightly different in production units.

    3. Your payment method will be charged as soon as you place the order. As such, if you cancel your order there will be a 4.4% restocking fee applied to the total orders. This is a fee we do not get back in case of a refund.

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