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About Us

Meletrix is born with the gene of its parent brand Wuque Studio, a professional custom keyboard studio who has brought popular boards to the enthusiasts' community. Different from its parent brand, Meletrix is devoted to bringing more enthusiast-level mechanical keyboards to everyone.

From a group of people who are custom keyboard enthusiasts themselves, and already put tons of efforts to design, develop, manufacturing premium custom keyboards, we really understand how to make a good board.

After sourcing all kinds of materials from China's most updated plastic and metal supply chain located in south and north China, after experiencing successes and failures in our past product development processes.We invested our manufacturers, cut down unnecessary costs, workflow, streamline the whole production process. So we really know how to make a good board at a cost-effective price.

Meletrix Zoom65, our 1st flagship board, is a real enthusiast-level board accessible to everyone, especially to who haven't had a chance or time to learn or build their own daily driver. We hope you will like it, and keep following our projects :)


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