[Pre-Order] ZOOM75 + ZOOM PAD

Will start at 9:30AM, Oct!

[GB] ZOOM65 V2.5

GB Time : 9:30AM, 19th September- 9:30AM, 10th October, Beijing Time

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[GB] ZOOM65 V2 x Soul Land Series

GB Time : 9:30AM, 19th September- 9:30AM, 10th October, Beijing Time

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Start Time: August 24th, 9:30PM, Beijing Time 2023

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Introducing ZOOMPAD

The ZOOMPAD is our latest installment in the Zoom Series of keyboards. While this keyboard companion is specifically designed to go with their Zoom75, it can be used to complete any desk setup.

ZOOMPAD is also a DIY kit that lets you build your dream numpad almost from scratch and extensive customization options will help you create a unique device.

New Nightlight Knobs

The color of Nightlight Knob is synchronized with RGB. It won’t affect the price if it as default option. It also supports nine colorsfor optional.

Unique Chamfer

Special Editions will have an anodized or Electrophoresis (for the white) finish. Chamfers are polished too like the ZOOM75. (GT Silver NO Chamfer )

19 Case Colors

14 Standard Edition Colors: Black, white, Cool Grey, Lilac, Navy, Sky Blue, Blush Pink, Scarlet Red, Wild Green, Milky Green, Ivory Cream, Teal, Cyber Yellow, Plum

Coating: Electrostatic coating

5 Special Editions color: E-white, GT Silver, Anodized Lavender, Anodized Black, Anodized Orange

Coating: Anodized (Electrophoresis coating for white)


Want to replace your switches in the future? Swap them out using nothing but a switch puller—no soldering required.

ZoomPad x Kitsune

Like Zoom75, we also released a collab version numpad - Zoompad x Kitsune. If you order a Zoom75 x Kitsune, then you won’t want to miss the ZoomPad x Kitsune

Southpaw Version

Not only the right-handed version is provided this time, but also the left-handed version is also provided, which satisfies different usage habits at the same time

Gasket Design: Flexy and Comfortable Typing Experience for Daily Use

The gasket sleeves are constructed from supercritical foam, which serves to stabilize the plate while also providing adequate room for it to flex in a harmonious manner. They possess an optimal level of softness, neither excessively rigid nor excessively flexible.

Easy to Use Remapping Tool

With QMK/VIA support, Zoom Pad can be easily remapped to most key functions for work or gaming.