Product Progress Update - June 27, 2024:

[GB]Zoom75 x Akuamarin Edition

Deskmats/Switches: : Manufacturing is complete, and the goods have arrived at the warehouse;

Keycaps: Currently in production;

Keyboards: The case is still in production and is expected to be completed this month. We will continue to pay attention to it.


Delivery Time: Expected July


[Pre-Order] Zoom75 Case Combo

All orders have been arranged for shipment. If there is no logistics update for your order yet, please contact our CS team.


Delivery Time: Completed.


[Pre-Order] ZOOM TKL

We are pleased to inform you that the goods have arrived at our warehouse and shipping is now underway. Please keep an eye on your logistics information for updates. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team.


Delivery: Ongoing


Coming soon on Meletrix


1. [Limited in-stock] ZOOM 98 

-- will be released on July 3, 9:30 AM, Beijing Time

2.  [Limited in-stock] ZOOM Pad  --default with basic knob

 -- will be released on July 3, 9:30 AM, Beijing Time


In-stock on Meletrix

  1. Summer Sale for WS Matching Keycaps!

    Special Shipping Discounts:

    • Buy 2 sets: Save $5 on shipping
    • Buy 3 sets: Save $10 on shipping
    • Buy 4 sets: Save $15 on shipping

          2. [In-Stock] ZOOM 75 Keycapless Edition
            3. [Limited In-Stock] ZOOM 75
              4. [In-stock] Zoom75 Case Combo 
                5. [In-stock] BOOG75 & BOOG75Module - Batch 3 

                6. [In-stock]ZOOM75 HE Prebuilt 

                7. [Extra] WS Cosmic Odyssey Keycap Set 

                8. [In-Stock] Resin Bear Novelites Keycap


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