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Version: Olivia Dark-Wired-Unassembled

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Meletrix Zoom65 Review: The Best Entry Level Custom Keyboard
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Zoom65 aims to make an enthusiast level typing experience and sound accessible and affordable to the general population and hobbyists alike. Each Zoom65 is sold as a complete kit. It comes with everything you need to use the keyboard right away. Other than the case, PCB and plates, it also includes stabilizers, switches, keycaps and an USB cable!

Ultimate premium build

  • Electrostatic coated aluminium cases for long-lasting usage
  • Special glittery finish to make your board stand out
  • Engraved aluminium weight to add flare
Ultimate flexibility for your need
  • Multiple layouts in one board for ANSI, ISO, split spacebar, back space and much more.
  • Remap keys easily using QMK/VIA

Never feel or sound like typing on hard rock again

  • Proven gasket design with flex cut PCB and PC plate allow suitable flexibility, that keeps a good balance of flex and firmness to help you type comfortably but won't make your fingers tired.
  • Special poron dampener foam and gasket materials to support the structure for a long life time. They absorb hollow sounds effectively, and keep their elasticity for years to go.
  • JWK linear switches commonly known and loved for their smoothness and stable performance for comfortable typing experience.
  • WS Stabs series from Wuque Studio specially designed to avoid your spacebar, shift, enter, and back space keys from becoming loose.


  • Aluminium Cases
  • PCB: QMK/VIA supported, ESD protected
  • Typing Angle: 6.5°
  • Front height: 20 mm
  • Default plate: PC
  • Gasket mount
  • Aluminium Weight
  • USB-C
  • Weight (fully assembled): 1.3kg
  • Keycap: Doubleshot PBT

JWK Switch

  • Top housing: PC
  • Bottom housing: Nylon
  • Stem: Pom
  • Spring Weight: 63.5g
  • Factory lubed

Zoom65 Details

Items All-in-one Kit Assembled Board
Aluminium Top and Bottom Cases
Aluminium Weight
Aluminium Rotary Encoder Knob
Flex Cut Hot-Swap Multi Layout PCB
Flex Cut PC Plate
WS Stabilizers
JWK Linear Switches
Doubleshot PBT Keycaps
Dampener Kit
Coiled Spring Cable
Storage Bag
Screws and Keyboard feet, hex screwdriver
Pre-built or not No Yes
Olivia Light/Dark
Wired (QMK/VIA supported) Retail Price
179 USD 185 USD
Olivia Light/Dark
Bluetooth (VIA supported) Retail Price
189 USD 195 USD
Olivia Light/Dark
Bluetooth (VIA supported) In-stock Time
July 2022
July 2022

Note: the price above maybe adjusted slightly during in-stock sales.

Olivia Light/Dark Entry Edition

Zoom65 first launch is proudly authorized by Olivia, the designer of GMK Olivia++ , to use her brilliant design for Zoom65 Olivia Light/Dark. With this board, we hope to make a real enthusiast-level board accessible to everyone, especially heavy typers who haven't had chance or time to learn or build their own daily driver. With love <3.
Other keycap and case colors will be released later.


1. There will be a 4% restocking fee once the order canceled

Quality Disclaimer
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1. If I cannot get one from the latest drop, when can I purchase it again?
Zoom65 is planed to be restock from time to time from and we will announce before in-stock sale.

2. Will you have other colors?
Yes, will do in near future, please feel free to fill in our IC form above

3. Will you provide Bluetooth VIA version like Aurora?
Yes, we hope to deliver them in July, 2022. 

4. Will you sell a fully assembled Zoom65?
Yes, estimated before end of August, 2022

5. Can I check my shipping fee?
Yes, please check it using this "Shipping Estimation Page",  one Zoom65's shipping weight is 2.5 kg.

6. If I get a wired version, can I purchase a wireless PCB later?


  • US: Cannonkeys
  • Canada: Mech.land
  • Oceania: Daily Clack, Keebzncables
  • EU: Mykeyboard
  • UK: Proto[Typist]
  • Japan: Yushakobo
  • Philippines: Zion Studios
  • Malaysia: Rebult
  • South Korea: Bravotech
  • Singapore: iLumkb
  • Thailand: Gamingplanet
  • Taiwan: Inpad
  • Vietnam: Taobaosop
  • International: Meletrix.com

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Vendor price will vary depends on vendor's actual shipping fee and various other expenses, but the total cost will still be less than buying directly from Meletrix.com.

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Sound test by Zion Studio

Color: Olivia Dark
Type: Wired
Version: Unassembed