Product Progress Update - March 27, 2024:

Product Progress Update - March 27, 2024:

Note: From 27th Mar to 7th Apr, our warehouse will be relocated from Wuhan to Dongguan City, which will help us to deliver future orders more conveniently. However, during this process, our daily delivery volume will be lower than before, so in-stock orders' delivery may be slightly delayed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this and thank you for your patience and understanding!



[GB] ZOOM 75/98/Pad -- Nov Batch

Keycapless Version: On March 21st, we reached 85% completion of our assembly work. However, we encountered issues during the process that necessitated rework. We promptly notified the manufacturer upon discovering these problems and are currently awaiting their completion of the necessary rework.

As for the 85% of assembly work already completed, we have started packing items for delivery.

Delivery Time: Expected in Early April


[Batch 2] BOOG75 & BOOG75HE

Due to warehouse relocation from March 27th to April 7th, there may be delays in processing and shipping orders. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.



Coming soon on Meletrix

1. [GB] ZOOM 65 V3

The Weight and Badge Design Contest for Zoom65v3

Pre-order on Meletrix

1. [Pre-order] BOOG75 & BOOG75 Module - Batch 3

2. [Pre-Order]Zoom75 Case Combo

3. [Pre-Order] ZOOM75 HE Prebuilt

4. [Pre-Order] ZOOM TKL - Limited color options and quantities
(White / Black / Milk Tea / Milky Green )

In-stock on Meletrix

1. [Extra] WS Cosmic Odyssey Keycap Set

2. [Limited In-stock] Zoom Pad -- Partial colors available

3. [In-Stock] Resin Bear Novelites Keycap

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