Product Progress Update - March 12, 2024:

Product Progress Update - March 12, 2024:

[GB] ZOOM 75/98/Pad -- Oct Batch

ZOOM 98 -- The four delayed orders have been shipped out. Please follow up on the logistics status promptly.

All orders from the October batch have been delivered. Please contact our Customer Service team if you have any questions, Thank you!


[GB] ZOOM 75/98/Pad -- Nov Batch

Barebone Version: All orders for barebone kits in this Nov batch have been delivered progressively since last week. Please track the logistics status promptly. Additionally, please contact our Customer Service team if you have any questions regarding your order.

Keycapless Version: The products have begun to be sent to the factory for manual assembly, and currently, 35% of the process is completed. The remaining products are expected to be shipped to the factory by the end of this week, and then we can await the completion of all assembly work.

Delivery Time: Expected in end of March


[Batch 2] BOOG75 & BOOG75HE

Batch 2 orders have been delivered gradually since last week, please stay tuned for updates on the logistics situation.

Friendly reminder: Stock is limited, and we expect to start the pre-order for Batch 3 at the end of this month. If you want to grasp one from current stock please place order as soon as possible.

Coming soon on Meletrix

  1. [Pre-Order] ZOOM TKL - Limited color options and quantities

      (White / Black / Milk Tea / Milky Green 

     Release date: 9:30 AM, March 14, Beijing Time

  1. [GB] ZOOM 65 V3

     The Weight and Badge Design Contest for Zoom65v3

    3. [GB] Zoom75 x Akuamarin Edition

     Release date: 9:30 AM, March 26--9:30 AM, 9 April 2024, Beijing Time

    Pre-order on Meletrix

    1. [Pre-order] BOOG75 & BOOG75 Module
    1. [Pre-Order]Zoom75 Case Combo
    1. [Pre-Order]ZOOM75 HE Prebuilt


    In-stock on Meletrix

    1. [Extra] WS Cosmic Odyssey Keycap Set
    1. [Limited In-stock] Zoom Pad -- Partial colors available
    1. [In-Stock] Resin Bear Novelites Keycap


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